WordPress 6-week intensive Website Creation Course

WordPress 6-week intensive Website Creation Course

Attention: Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

“Learn how to quickly create unlimited, lead generating and sales producing websites, blogs and hobby sites without the pain of hiring an expensive webmaster”

In this 6-week intensive training series you’ll learn how to create and manage your own WordPress® website, and how to set up a revenue and lead generation system, hands-on and step by step without needing all the technical know how that has been preventing you from starting or promoting your business online.

We’ll even include the specialized tools that will give your website that “leading edge” to get you TOP RANKING AND VISITOR TRAFFIC.


Tuesday 11:08 AM

From: Mike Tersigni

 Dear Fellow Entrepreneur, Building your own website seems like an impossible, time sucking task without having the proper tools and knowing a ton of technical jargon. Who wants to learn all that technical coding mumbo-jumbo like PHP, HTML, CSS, JAVA Script, and Flash if you don’t have to. If you’re just starting out with online marketing then you may have already come to realize just how overwhelming it can be… information overload! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could narrow it down so you only had to learn what you need to know, in plain language that you can understand, in a small classroom type setting that provides you with more personalized, hands-on learning experience with real website owners?


Print media advertising is just not effective anymore.

If you are a business owner, then to put it simply, you need to have a business presence online. Over 75% of North America is now using the internet – that means your potential customers are searching for products and services on the internet first, before they buy.  Print advertising – like flyers, yellow pages and mailings are getting more and more expensive but are less and less effective than ever – generating a mere 1% ROI (return on investment). Today, people are using the internet more than any other media to research, shop and buy! Don’t get left behind!!!

Right now, marketing on the internet is simply the least expensive AND the most effective method of making or increasing your sales in any business.

Dealing with a webmaster can be slow and really expensive!

You could hire a webmaster to build a website for you but be prepared for: waiting around for them to return your calls and emails, really slow turn around times, extra charges for every little change or addition – even changing or updating text on YOUR website. When you really need to contact them, it can become like a game of hide and seek as you wait for their response to the changes you need right away. But who wants to play games when you need to make changes to your website NOW!

Trying to do it alone can be confusing and take forever!

You could search the internet for bits and pieces of marketing and website building knowledge and spend months – even years gathering information and trying to learn it all yourself and still not have a website up and performing. But with so much information on the web, this can be extremely frustrating, when there is a much simpler way to be up and running quickly, on your way to increasing your business leads and making money much much sooner.

But Beware! There are a lot of courses out there that provide fragmented pieces of the puzzle, most charging over a thousand dollars just to teach you how to do it yourself. Some are so full of fluff, sales hype and technical requirements that 95% of enrolled students never succeed. I can just hear you now saying “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” I wish I was.  The truth is, there are a lot of people out there paying serious money to either have a website built for them, or they are taking some static, online *virtual* course that costs a lot of money just to do all the work themselves, without much support when they need it.  All we ask is that you compare apples to apples and we’re confident that you will find our method of “teaching by doing” with live teachers in a hands-on real classroom setting is the most effective way to creating real results that is more affordable, faster and simpler.

Easier tools are now available.

Back in 1998 when I first began selling products online, there were payment credit card processors that wouldn’t integrate (work into my website) properly, with complex shopping cart systems and database management nightmares. The learning curve was HUGE! It was so complicated, time consuming and stressful for a non-technical guy like me, just trying to get the basics in place so I could have a decent website was a nightmare.

Then a website building and editing software (a Content Management System or CMS) called WordPress® was released FREE to the public, and it soon became the number #1 Open Source (free to use) CMS software available! Not surprising because now it was so easy to create and publish websites online fast – and the search engines – like Google, just love it! Our websites were being listed in Google and other major search engines within 2-3 days, not 3 to 6 months like before.

WordPress® is best known as a blogging platform but has the amazing potential to be used for almost any type of website: business card sites, e-commerce sites,  lead generation, sales page sites, personal and hobby sites, information sites, membership sites, associations, name capture pages, and just about every other type of website you can imagine.

In fact, WordPress® is so flexible, so easy to use and so easy to teach that it became my passion to learn it and then use it for our websites and our client’s websites. That way I could also teach them how easy it is to update and manage their own websites, saving them thousands of dollars and hours of time and frustration.  Finally, no more waiting for the webmaster when you can do it yourself! We have developed the WordPress® Website Creation WorkShop to be an easy and affordable method of launching websites fast that can systematically create sales, generate leads and stimulate income from your own products, services, and existing business, or with affiliate products, using the same tried and true methods we use on all of our sites, partnered sites, client sites and e-stores.

You will gain the skills for producing your own unlimited network of fully automated and optimized websites that will do all of the selling and lead generation for you.

To find out more visit: http://sweetspottraining.com/courses/website-creation-course/

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Only 24 spaces (three classes of 8 seats) available!  The series of courses begins on March. 24th, 25th and 26th

Create a fully functional OPTIMIZED website and receive all the training to manage it yourself.  With outstanding support and coaching, this is the ONLY website building course you’ll need to have you off and running, making sales and generating leads on the internet.

But you’ll have to act fact because spaces are limited! To find out more and register, visit: http://sweetspottraining.com/courses/website-creation-course/

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