Who Wants Free Stuff?

Who Wants Free Stuff?



Have you ever found a really cool website that claims to give you FREE stuff, clicked page after page, given out your name and email address, and read sales letter page after sales letter page only to discover that the stuff is not really FREE?!  Well my friend you’re not alone – it’s happened to the best of us. There are literally thousands of websites out there all claiming to give out free stuff – but at what cost? They tack on outrageous shipping and handling charges, crazy membership fees, and other assorted hidden costs that no doubt cover the cost of their product, so the stuff you think you’re getting for FREE is not really FREE at all!


While looking to build my blog and websites, I came across a really cool e-book on building a WordPress Affiliate Blog web site that was totally FREE. I checked out the book and the information was awesome. I was able to download the book without giving them my name, email or anything! So this made me think that it would be really cool to have a fun club, totally devoted to absolutely FREE stuff! No Strings attached!


Launch Now! has dedicated this post to bringing you all the cool, awesome and useable FREE stuff we find on the internet.  As I said, most times this free stuff is not really FREE, so don’t expect to see a lot of content. But since we work on the computer and we are on line regularly, reasearching and investigating, we do come across some great FREE products and services from time to time.  Any time I find something that is totally FREE, I will post it here. So be sure to bookmark this site or subscribe to our RSS feed and visit often.


And hey, if you have FREE products or services to offer, then kindly leave the details in the comments section so I can check it out before posting because as I said, if you find it here, it’s because it is TOTALLY FREE! No strings Attached! (And in case you’re wondering, I am not an affiliate to any of these products so I am not making any cash from giving you these links. They are totally SAFE and FREE, from you from me. Enjoy!


  • Free Membership, including lessons on building a website, making money on-line, PLUS articles on communications, internet marketing and more: http://www.sweetspottraining.com



  • Free Vocal Lessons: Learn to speak louder & clearer, or sing higher & stronger with this 5-part online vocal lessons video series, featuring accomplished vocalist Lisa Smith:  http://www.singinglessonsnow.com


  1. I really enjoyed your last post and have bookmarked your site. thanks for the tips – please keep them coming!

  2. Great site Sally!

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