What is Viral Marketing and Why Promote Online

What is Viral Marketing and Why Promote Online

What is Viral Marketing?

Remember the video with the guy in the chicken suit? Well, in a nutshell, THAT is viral marketing.  If you think about a virus, like a cold, flu, chicken pox, or even the swine flu, it goes around from person to person without anyone behind the scenes trying to push or promote it.  It catches a hold of someone and then spreads by itself, each time the infected person comes in contact with someone new. Viral marketing follows the same concept, except that what gets spread around is not a sickness; it is the product or service. Quite simply, a viral marketing campaign is one that, once you release it, runs itself. It catches on and gets passed around without being pushed from marketers or the originating company.

So what do people pass around?

People like to share stories that make them feel good and ones that make them laugh. They also pass around stories of interest that are relevant to their lives and those that  cause an emotional connection (sad, happy, angry, surprised, amazed, etc.)  products that they believe have good value, even special offers they want to share with family and friends.

Why Promote?  Look at these recent statistics:

According to research, only a small number of Canadians consider themselves to be an expert when it comes to technology, despite the significant role that technology plays in today’s societyand our day to day lives. When it comes to the Internet:

  • Viral video marketing campaigns increase clickthrough rates by 750%. –MarketingExperiments.com, November 2006
  • Viral marketing campaigns produce 750% more clickthroughs than traditional banner ads. –MarketingExperiments.com, November 2006
  • Companies are expected to spend $26 billion on internet classifieds by 2011. –JupiterResearch, October 2006
  • only one-in-three (1:3) Canadians claim to be an expert or very skilled (32%)
  • four-in-ten (4/10) say they are fairly skilled (43%)
  • while one-in-four (1:4) feel they are not very or not at all skilled at all (25%).

Even with the rate at which technology is evolving and consumers are adopting technology, the percentage of Canadians who view themselves as expert or very skilled with the Internet has increased only marginally by 5% (from 27%) since 2001.” ~ Insurance Canada

That’s why it just makes sense to hire a professional internet marketing profession, when you need a launch an online marketing campaign. We can’t always predict what will go *viral* but we can predict with fair accuracy the span of your promotion across the world wide web.

Are you in need of some online promotion?

The next time you are looking to launch something on line – a product or service, a website, an advertising campaign, a fundraiser or event, be sure to take advantage of the knowledge and services of a trusted, certified internet marketing professional. Sally O’Connor of Launch Now! has nearly 20 years of communications experience including over 12 years of internet marketing and promoting online and is accreditated with the Canadian Marketing Association  – a true, certified online marketing professional.

Launch Now specializes in working with not-for-profits and internet marketing for small businesses.

Contact us today for more information.

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