The Launch of Canador on-line!

The Launch of Canador on-line!
CanadorI am happy to announce another successful  launch! Introducing the launch of the new on line presence (web site) for Canador Automatic Doors at: . The site is now live and is already achieving high rankings with the most popular search engines on the internet.  After extensive testing, the client was extremely pleased to see that his new web site is already hitting within the top 10 on page 1 of Google and Yahoo, using a variety of common industry search words.  

The Word Press template used was a free theme called Sliding Door by a creative fellow named Wayne Connor (of no relation to me, which is unfortunate since he's an Auzzie and I've always wanted to visit the great land 'down under' :). It's a very cool theme and for this site it was perfect, since it contained some sliding graphics that I thought nicely complimented the 'sliding doors' – and other types of automatic doors and windows that Canador installs and services. After some customizations were done to the template to accommodate the look and the functionality I wanted, I called in my good friend and Word Press Consultant, Karen Blundell for some final CSS polish and VOILA! – the site was ready to launch!  "I am really impressed with what you've done ", said Karen. "It doesn't even look like a WordPress blog. Nice Job!"   Coming from Karen, that's a HUGE compliment, since I'm new to Word Press, while she's been a web designer for years and has been creating custom WordPress templates and themes from scratch for a while now. Karen really knows her way around CSS and I'm lucky to have her as a resource. As this is a local, services type of buisness, next steps for the Canador website marketing plan will be to implement a few on-line tactics to further increase exposure and hit-rates on their target market; including capitalizing on some local directories.  I was also able to provide the client's Administrative personelle with a short training session and basic instructions on how to update content, add pages, etc. thereby eliminating their need to pay for any small content additions or edits the site may require.  The client was also extremely pleased with the fast turn-around time – in about 1 week, I was able to write all content, format photos, build and customize the site, and launch. They are also very excited about adding the new web site URL onto their print advertising, providing yet another way for customers and prospects to find and contact them.

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  1. We are extremely pleased with how the website looks and functions. We have had a few client calls from this people reading the site and we have also gained new clients through the website.
    This website is already proving to be an asset to our company. We are receiving more exposure than we did with our yellow pages ad for a fraction of the cost.
    We highly recommend Launch Now for your business marketing needs.

    Thanks again and great job!
    Canador Automatic Doors

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