The Antarctica Challenge Quickly Heats Up!

The Antarctica Challenge Quickly Heats Up!


New Documentary on the Antarctic Crisis Spreads like Wild Fire around the world. 

Boat Trapped in what used to be a glacierThe Antarctica Challenge – A Global Warning is the only film of it’s kind to emerge out of the International Polar Year (2007-2009); the call to the world’s scientific community to study the climate change in the world’s Polar regions. While much has been written about the social scientific research done in the Arctic, there has been nothing to date that illustrates with such wonderous beauty, the criticality of the Antarctic region. That is, until Polar Cap Productions! This is the only film of it’s kind to report these new discoveries.

“Mark Terry has made a beautiful and important film.” – Bruce Cowley of CBC.  The exceptional cinematography makes for a stunning backdrop to an amazing story about recent climate change in Antarctica.”Ken Linton, Rogers Television “Better than most documentaries (of this kind) on TV today.”Phil Groves, IMAX

YOU can help to make a difference! Log onto to: and cast your vote for the film.  Thanks for your support!

For more information, visit their website at:


  1. Hi DN,
    Not sure of the full readership of the Documentary Channel. I receive it in Canada and I believe there are documentary channels in the US, UK and Austraillia. The movie now has an *Official* website: where you can find viewing schedules for the film around the world.

    GOOD NEWS~ “The Antartica Challenge: A Global Warning” knows no boundaries! The film is now showing at the United Nations (UN) Conference in Copenhagen, and has already been featured in Ireland, France, and elsewhere, winning awards at Film Festivals around the world.

    To keep up with the film, be sure to check out their website You can also stay informed by signing up with their newsletter: “JOIN THE CAUSE”.

    It’s great to see so many people around the world stopping to take notice of our crisis in the Antarctic. Afterall, this global issue will affect everyone who shares our world.

  2. came here by way of Twitter (@FeteSociety).

    Nice post and the program looks like an informative and compelling program. I don’t have access to that channel. in fact, I hadn’t heard of it before. Is it regionally available, a digital channel?

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