Sweet Spot Training Launches new Video to honour Volunteers of the Durham Kids Fun Day

Sweet Spot Training Launches new Video to honour Volunteers of the Durham Kids Fun Day

The Sweet Spot Training Centre has just launched a new video on You Tube, recognizing the participation of volunteers and sponsors to the Durham Kids Fall Fun Day 2010.  The event was held in November, to raise awareness and funds for Haley Stewart, a 10 year old girl needing brain surgery at the Mayo Clinic in the USA, as well as raise community awareness of Dural AVM. Since Sick Children’s hospital in Toronto had deemed Haley inoperable, Haley’s mom Sherry Stewart has been involved in various types of fundraisers for nearly a year under the “Kisses for Haley” campaign and supported by the Daisy Foundation, so that she could take her little girl to the Mayo Clinic.

” AVM stands for Arteriovenous Malformation. It is a tangle of abnormal blood vessels (arteries and veins).  A DURAL AVM is an arteriovenous malformation that occurs in the coverings of the brain – the dura – hence the name Dural AVM.Unlike other brain AVMs which are congenital, dural AVMs are believed to be acquired. Dural AVMs are not infectious or inherited. A dural AVM is not a cancer, which means it cannot spread to other parts of the body. Occasionally, a dural AVM has been reported following cranial surgery.” (cite http://brainavm.oci.utoronto.ca/malformations/dural_avm_index.htm )

The event drew media attention from television, radio and newspaper, who were all there to capture the special day and help support the cause. Many thanks to the Canador Automatic Doors, The Fairytale Palace, and all other sponsors and friends for making this a fun day for the children in our community.  Haley and mom Sherry will be off to the Mayo Clinic this month, while donations are still urgently needed.

Anyone able to make a donation can still do so on the http://kissesforhaley.com website.

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