Sweet Spot offers FREE Training!

Sweet Spot offers FREE Training!


sst_seal_TsmTo kick-start the *official* Grand Opening of the Sweet Spot Training Centre in Pickering, ON, we are offering FREE workshops on 2 of our award winning courses. From Tuesday, August 4th through to Friday, August 7th, Sweet Spot Training has set up some scheduled courses that are absolutely complimentary.  HURRY, this is a limited time offer!

Discover Your Sweet Spot – $99 value

students_tThis fun, interative workshop that will help you to identify your natural talents and abilities, then show you how you can use them to guide you towards the ideal job, career, education, and more! WARNING!!! Students, don’t pay $50,000 in tuition until you’ve spent a couple fun hours with us to ensure that you’re on the right track!  Ideal for:

  • senior highschool, college and unversity students
  • adults considering a career change, promotion, or anyone who has been laid off

Discover Your Personality Type – $99 value

group_peopleEver wonder why your boss is such a stickler for a level of detail that you find utterly useless? Want to improve your relationships with others, improve communication with your family and co-workers, or build a better, more productive team?  Discover the 4 main personality types and identify where you fit in. Then learn how you can improve your communication with other personalities. This fun workshop will leave you feeling empowered, as it minimizes stress and builds confidence. A must for anyone who does not live life as a hermit.

Why is Sweet Spot Training offering these FREE courses?

Sweet Spot is offering some of our workshops TOTALLY FREE , as our way to introduce ourselves to the neighbourhood and celebrate our Grand Opening.  By inviting others into our centre, they will know that we’ve arrived…and after taking our workshops (did I mention they were FREE) we’re confident they’ll want to share the experience with friends and family.  Is there a catch? There is no catch! The classes that are marked as FREE are totally FREE. All we ask is that at the end of the session, you take 3 minutes to provide us with your feedback. This will help us to understand the type of training people are looking for, so we can continue to serve our community to the best of our ability. For those who enjoy being in front of the camera, video testimonies are also encouraged and welcome! For more information on these and other courses, visit the Sweet Spot Training Centre


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