Seven Warning Signs of a Bad Partner

Seven Warning Signs of a Bad Partner


You’ve heard it said that effective partnering can help us achieve a particular task or activity we cannot accomplish on our own in a reasonable amount of time, by providing the skills, experience and expertise we may be lacking.

A partner can be anyone; a long-time business associate, a spouse, coach, even a short time advisor. A partner can be a mentor, councillor, employee, even a friend or personal relation. It is someone you trust to help you accomplish something that you cannot do by yourself.

But when looking for a partner, it’s important to identify the right person to fit your needs. So what are the warning sign we should beware of? In the book of Proverbs, King Soloman, the richest and wisest man who ever lived provides insight into what makes a good – and bad partner.

Here are the seven warning signs that should leave you packing your bags and walking the other way from a potentially BAD partner…

A bad partner is someone who:

  1. Shows a lack of integrity (29:24)
  2. Has a quick temper or deep-seated anger (22:24)
  3. Displays a pattern of foolish behaviour (14:7)
  4. Offers much for little, or is into ‘get rich quick’ schemes (25:19, 28:22)
  5. Uses an excessive use of flattery (29:5)
  6. Has an inclination to gossip or exaggerate (20:19)
  7.  Shows a disregard for rules, regulations, laws, or personal boundaries (28:7)

When seeking out your next partner, do your due diligence to ensure that, not only do you have a partner but that you have the right partner for the task at hand.


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