Save Yourself Time by Making Them Come to You!

Save Yourself Time by Making Them Come to You!

salesQuestion:  I’m currently a national sales agent for “Excellence Rewards” and looking for an additional product to offer my corporate accounts in the HR and sales departments.   I used to teach and train corp sales from commercial to Fortune 500 type of accounts. I’m currently looking for national program that I could offer my accounts. Do you know any top end sales programs that you would recommend? Ron Davidson PS…great web site!

Answer:  Hi Ron, and thanks for the compliment on the site!  I don’t know of any brand name sales programs off hand that I can recommend; we are developing all of our own training materials for Sweet Spot Training, based on our years of study and experience. Nor do I know your clients or their specific needs so I’m not sure whether our programs at Sweet Spot would accommodate or not. You are welcome to visit the site to see what we offer.  My recommendation would be to do a formal RFI (Request for information) pitch to the top 20 companies you are considering. To develop this list, try doing a search on Google for “Corporate Sales Program” and see which ones rank highest.  RFI’s are (or should be) common practise when tacking any new major project. You can then narrow it down to the top 5, at which time you will reply back to them with an RFP (Request to Purchase). The key differences between an RFI and an RFP are the level of detail you are requesting and the level of product detail and personal contact you receive back from the prospective company.  (If you are working with a smaller scale project, sometimes you can skip the RFI and go directly to the RFP. However in your case, since you do not have any products in mind and plan to use the program extensively across North America, I would suggest including both steps.)   One of the many benefits of submitting an RFI and RFP is that it takes a great bulk of the workload off your hands and into the hands of the prospective sales training company. If they understand it’s something you will be rolling out and promoting nationally, most companies will bend over backwards to show you demos and all the benefits of their program, to try to gain your business saving you hours upon hours of research time.  So while this may appear cumbersome, the process can be fully executed in only a few short weeks and you’ll be left knowing that due dillegence was done with a program on hand that best suits you clients’ needs. Many Training companies offer the flexibility of both on-site and training centre classroom locations so if this applies to you, this may be something you’ll want to include in your requirements. Whether this is a program you purchase or one your clients will attend, don’t forget to negotiate a corporate rate for the bulk buisness you’ll be bringing them.  (I’ve negotiated as much as 20% off listed class fees.) Launch Now! does produce these types of documents, ie: RFI, RFP, Marketing Plans (specializing in on-line with off-line support), Business Cases, Project Plans, Proposals, etc. A formalized RFI would cost approximately $300-500. Good luck! Feel free to write back if you have any questions.

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