Polar Cap Productions Launches New Findings

Polar Cap Productions Launches New Findings


mamma_and_baby_penguinsNew film uncovers the findings from International Polar Year; a world-wide scientific program focused on the Arctic and the Antarctic.

Polar Cap Productions is launching a new film with a mandate to tell entertaining and educational stories about our environment and in particular, reveal the increasingly fragile state of our polar ice caps in the Arctic and the Antarctic. “Climate change has registered significant change to the caps and these changes have a profound environmental effect on all of us. According to the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States, the earth has experienced a rise in global temperature of about half a degree Celsius over the past 100 years.” said Mark Terry, President of Polar Cap Productions and Film Director/Producer.  “Although that doesn’t sound like much, this apparently modest increase is responsible for a rise in the world’s sea level of six to eight inches over the past century.” But why should you care? What does it really mean to you and me? Here’s a clip from an interview with Mark Terry, regarding Polar Cap Productions’ up and coming films:  (please bear with the humm for the first 20 seconds – you know those television guys!)

Polar Cap Productions is working with Launch NOW! Strategic Marketing to promote their series of films. Promotional plans include International Film festivals, Sponsorship opportunities, and online marketing of their films and products to name but a few.

After viewing one of the films myself, I can honestly tell you that not only will you want to see these films but you will want your family and children to watch them too.  We can no longer sit silently and watch our world crumble beneath us. Launch NOW! is excited to be a part of this important project that impacts us all. For more information on Polar Cap Productions and to view show times and locations, please visit their website at:  http://polarcapproductions.com


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