On the road again… with the Polar Explorer

On the road again… with the Polar Explorer

Students of York University’s Environmental Studies (BESSA) Program were treated to a talk by alumnus Mark Terry at their annual dinner last night. The keynote address kicked-off the 2011 tour of Mark’s newest film “The Polar Explorer” in Canada.

Toronto’s own Polar Explorer and award-winning filmmaker Mark Terry kicked-off his World Tour 2011 at his Alma mater that officially marked the launch of his newest film “The Polar Explorer”.

Mark Terry is a multi-award winning film maker, who is heightening environmental awareness, through sharing the detrimental impacts climate change is having on our polar regions and its cascading effects throughout the world. His last film, “The Antarctica Challenge – a Global Warning” won over a dozen international film festival awards and was the only film invited to be shown at the 2009 UN Summit in Copenhagen, where it was viewed and discussed by our world leaders.

This documentary features the amazing discoveries made in Antarctica by the world’s scientific community during the International Polar Year (2007 to 2009) and included such featured segments as:  suicidal penguins, how melting ice is projected to increase world sea levels, a discovery of new vegetation that is now growing in the world’s largest desert, and amazing new developments with the ozone hole. Mark has travelled the world, appearing on various tv programs to share his story and his film “The Antarctica Challenge – a Global warning”, which was featured on the Discovery Channel and in dozens of theatres and film venues around the globe.

Through Mark’s continued explorations, he discovered that the Antarctica was not the only polar region of interest. Climate change has also opened up new areas of the Arctic seas, allowing for exploration for the very first time.  In this incredible new film “The Polar Explorer”, new species of marine life is discovered as Mark journeys across the Northwest Passage with a team of the world’s leading polar scientists. The film also showcases new discoveries in Antarctica resulting from the warming temperatures there since his last visit. Just having completed the film a mere few weeks ago, “The Polar Explorer” is quickly gaining attention and has already been picked up by the CBC television for national primetime broadcast.

“The Polar Explorer” began its world tour in Mark’s hometown of Toronto on April 15 for students of York University’s Environmental Studies program, and is scheduled on May 2 for the students of Havergal College. This year, Mark is offering both films: “The Antarctica Challenge – a Global Warning” and “The Polar Explorer”. Pick one or better yet, book both. A Q&A with filmmaker and explorer Mark Terry is also included.

To book Mark for your event, contact him via the official website.

Visit the official website here!  http://theantarcticachallenge.com/

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[The Polar Explorer]

[The Antarctica Challenge]

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