Need interlocking done, call a Pro… All Pro!

Need interlocking done, call a Pro… All Pro!


When Angelo Tersigni of All-Pro Landscaping and Carpentry Ltd. needed a website with a built-in content management system simple enough to self-manage; an online presence that offers prospective clients the convenience of viewing on-line portfolios, all at an affordable price that wouldn’t break the bank, they came to the Sweet Spot Training Centre (SSTC) for assistance.  What they received was far more than they expected – to be listed on Page 1 of Google – 2nd from the top in only 3 weeks!

Renovating your home, either inside or out is a big decision and is one not one to be taken lightly. Add to that some tough economic times and it’s no surprise that more and more people are relying on personal testimonies, referrals and “I’ll believe it when I see it” mentalities when considering new companies to hire. Nobody wants a company to tell them what they can do; they want to see for themselves what the company has done for others and therefore believe what it can also do for them. Having the ability to view the workmanship beforehand also helps to build trust, empowering them with the knowledge of where to go for first class service and quality workmanship when they need it. With over 75% of all households currently using the internet to source out local businesses that meet their needs, Angelo Tersigni of All Pro Landscaping and Carpentry Ltd. wanted to leverage the online market to showcase their spectacular work and let visitors see first-hand the honesty, integrity, and quality workmanship that All Pro represents, as a professional member of Landscape Ontario. 

The entire web site was built – from concept, through design to launch in only 2 weeks, complete with six customized photo galleries, specially designed buttons, and a beautiful video on their home page to showcase the exquisite work that All Pro clients have come to know and expect; but that’s not all. The built-in scalability allows the site to expand and grow, while spam filters and a captcha function ensure hackers and spammers cannot gain access to web files. In addition to what visitors can see, the internet marketing and SEO specialists at SSTC implemented optimization strategies built right into the site itself, that resulted in having this web site listed in Google in only 2 weeks; an extraordinary accomplishment, given that most sites take from 3 to 6 – and sometimes 9 months to be listed with this search engine giant. Only 1 week after the official launch and out of a total of 21,900,000 related pages, “All Pro Landscaping” lands 2nd from the top! 

“Hey guys!  Hurray!!!  Looks great!  Thanks so much for a fabulous job, and so quick!”  Ann & Angelo Tersigni, All-Pro

In addition to Google, the fully optimized web site contains other hidden SEO tactics that will quickly see higher search engine rankings in other Google search criteria and other search engines very soon, in addition to drawing in more organic prospects by increasing visitors to their site, all at a cost that fits within their budget. In fact, when it comes to building and optimizing web sites, Sweet Spot Training Centre is the best price-for-value company on the internet today. Launch Now! wishes to welcome All Pro Landscaping. Ca to the internet community with their beautiful web site full of optimization strategies that fully meets their needs for today, while enabling room to grow for tomorrow. 

If you need an affordable web site to showcase your work to prospects and clients, or you are looking to optimize your website to bring in more business or achieve higher sales, please visit for more information.


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