My Social Media is a BUST! What Am I Doing Wrong?

My Social Media is a BUST! What Am I Doing Wrong?

Hello Sally,

I want to thank you for the book which I will read right away. What you are saying about if you’re not on social media you are losing customers. I am on social media. I paid to have a whole uniform platform setup. Facebook, flop. You tube no traffic;

Linked In is expanding in the right direction. Twitter was ranked by Hub Spot as 90 out of 100. Since October 2012 give or take 860 followers with according to Hub Spot 135,000 hits a month. One major issue media can be so confusing

When someone follows me I thank them and give them an option to respond. On Linked In I also thank people and the odd one responds. Created a following and have a conversion rate of almost zero. End of February I got one customer. At this point I am confused.  We have a service that everybody needs, it’s affordable to the masses and we have zero competition. A proprietary system that would take 40 years to duplicate. We have the largest closed network of top law firms in the world……

I am passionate about this service. However I know there is a huge need out there. Now the big question is how do I get my message out so that it converts?

Hope you are having a wonderful day. I sincerely hope that you can give me an answer.

Regards, John W.R. Jansen



Hi John, thank you for your email – and thank you for picking up a copy of my first book.

SimpleSocialMedia-ebookcoveThe “Simple Social Marketing” guide is an introduction to social media – what it is, why you need it and how it can help your business.  It is intended for those who are looking into using social media; wondering if and how it can help them promote their business on the internet. It includes an outline of the more common choices a business would want to consider for social media.

Subsequent “Simple” marketing books are in the works, which will deal specifically with each social media platform – FaceBook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ ,etc.  and will give clear, simple strategies on how to use each to maximize your results.  If you opted-in to get the free ebook from, you will also get regular tips and strategies on using social media and you will be the first to know when the new “Simple” marketing books are launched.

It sounds like you are actively using social media and have attracted followers/friends/connections but are struggling with converting all these leads into actual paying customers. You’ve done your homework and have the statistics that show your services are necessary in the marketplace. You have made connections with hundreds of people across several social media platforms but are showing little to no conversion – transitioning your connections into buying customers. Does that sound right?

Conversion is a process, a series of steps in an overall sales & marketing plan… engaging in social media networks (like joining Twitter or creating a Facebook page) is only the first step along a particular engagement-conversion journey.  There are many conversion systems out there; different ways to convert warm and cold leads into actual, paying clients, social media is one of them (although it does have a much higher ROI than say, buying lists and cold calling.)  Some work better than others. But like any process, if all the pins are not in place and steps are missing along the conversion path, you may be losing warm leads through the holes in your process.

Social media in and of itself will not make you sales.

group_discussion_pc_800_clr_1815 The whole premise behind social media (which is covered in “Simple Social Media Marketing”) is to:

  • introduce your products and services to prospects
  • “brand” your company
  • present your products and services
  • engage with your present customers
  • build up your list of warm leads
  • identify yourself as the “go to” expert in your field
  • build trust, and
  • develop warm leads (which are easier to convert than cold leads).

To reiterate, it’s the first step in a particular, successful conversion process – with a strong emphasis on “social”.

It’s common for small business owners to do some of the steps without having a marketing plan in place and then wonder why the entire ‘system’ isn’t working.  Does that ring a bell with you? If it is, then you are not alone.

Think of it this way… would you take a trip to a foreign country without having some kind of map or personal guide to help you along the way?  Probably not. Without a map or itinerary, there is a high risk of getting lost and wasting a lot of time not achieving your objectives – like visiting particular landmarks and seeing the sights.  Marketing is no different.  Whether documented or in their head – the businesses that are successfully using social media to win clients have a strategy – a plan – in other words, a road map they are following.

figure_drawing_tweet_diagram_800_clr_9118What I would advise is for you to take an inventory of the social media channels you have and the steps you have taken to date, and integrate them into either a social media marketing plan or (even better) a full online marketing plan.  (An effective online marketing plan should include social media components).

The marketing plan IS the roadmap to generating leads and converting those leads into sales.  Simply by creating a plan, you will be able to easily identify the gaps that are preventing you from achieving your destination – building a client list and making more sales. Good plans have targets – steps to take, dates to complete, milestones (goals) to hit, and quantifiable results to achieve.

I have developed comprehensive, target-driven online marketing plans for many clients – from small business and entrepreneurs to large corporations. If you need someone to help you formulate a social media marketing plan or a more (all inclusive) online marketing plan that will help you convert those leads into sales, feel free to contact me for further details on my services.

like_ink_stamp_800_clr_9111Meanwhile, stay tuned for some great tips and strategies coming your way via email for all my subscribers. And keep a watch out for upcoming “Simple” social media marketing books, packed full of practical “how-to” strategies for using and converting warm leads using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and others.

Thanks again for your question John. I look forward to ‘socializing’ with you via our networks and the possibility of working with you on your marketing journey using social media.

Warmest regards,



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