Make money at no cost? Simple!

Make money at no cost? Simple!

While attending an online webinar on internet marketing, I got involved in some friendly chat with other webinar attendees, via an integrated FaceBook stream and I must admit that THAT was the most enjoyable and satisfying part of the entire experience.

The webinar was of course leading to a sales pitch for an expensive conference and the need to purchase additional web tools. And as expected, full of exuberance, they were willing to throw in MEGA BONUS after MEGA BONUS for your purchase of their informational products but bottom line; I found the cost of the course to be rather excessive.  As much as I had hoped to learn a least a little bit of info to add to my 12+ years of internet marketing knowledge – or to even discover just a few tastey tidbits of the latest online marketing industry secrets from these ‘gurus’, I was yet again disappointed with the lack of information (none) I actually received. For 40 minutes I listened to these guys tell me, show me and try to convince me that Jason went from being financially broke to a millionaire in a relatively short period of time and how I can make that much money too – IF I bought the course and the tools!  To summarize, it wasn’t even an internet marketing course but one that taught the power of positive thinking and using the law of attraction to draw wealth and prosperity into your life. It just happened to draw it’s attendees from a subscribers list of people who are interested in internet marketing – like me. 

As I mentioned, during the webinar I engaged in some interesting chat with other attendees via a built-in FaceBook stream. During the session, an attendee named Brian stated that he was really interested in internet marketing and making money online however, due to some financial hardships he had recently experienced, he was unable to pay for the course.  

Brian’s question to me was simply: “How can I make money with no money?”

My response to Brian was this: “Make money with no money? That’s simple! 

Making money at no cost

“There are tons of free sites like where you can set up a free site, write some articles, use keywords to attract your target niche, and add Google ad words that pay when people click on them.    To see an example of this, visit one of our websites at: Http:// ”

At the Sweet Spot Training Centre in Pickering ON Canada and on our website –,my partner Mike and I teach and share tips and strategies like these on how to make money online.  We offer FREE membership with tons of perks – like front of the line access to courses and special coupon codes, free webinars (that actually contain information!), ebook downloads, a quarterly newsletter with more strategies, tools and reviews, and so much more.

I also shared with the attendees the principle behind the law of attraction as I understand it, and that is that “money should not be the goal but simply the means to attaining it”.


The Law of Attraction and Power of Positive Affirmations

What this means is that making a million dollars should not be the target.  In Wallace Wattles, “The Science of Getting Rich”, Wattles speaks frankly on of the law of attraction and building wealth and success. ( This book is a free download you can find if you “Google it” and at only 47 pages, is the best short read you will ever experience!)  For example, you may wish to travel the world. While a million dollars may allow you to reach this goal, there are other ways you could get to see and travel the world. You could win a trip, you could be invited along with someone, or a myriad of other ways. So your goal should not be to make a million dollars to allow you to travel the world. Your goal should simply be to travel the world.

As for having a millionaire mind, you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to achieve this. There are a ton of books – even videos and cd courses that you can borrow from your local public library. Again, Wallace Wattles tops this list. After all, he is the granddaddy of the attitude of gratitude and the law of positive attraction. Wallace wrote his book during the depression in the 1920’s and his is the book which all these other books; including “The Secret” are based on.  Another good book on positive affirmations is T. Harv Etker’s “Secrets of a Millionaire Mind”, also available to borrow at most libraries.


Personalized Communications

In our Personalized Communication workshop, I teach that when it comes to being a success in life, the first step begins with you. Understanding and acknowledging your gifts and talents, as well as your weaknesses; learning what skills you bring to the table versus the ones you should not tackle will help you to make your dreams a reality.

The second step involves effective partnering. Once we understand what our talents are and are NOT, we need to effectively partner with others who possess the skills and strengths that we are missing; to fill in the gaps that complete the overall big picture. No one has ever  become successful totally on their own – think about it…  Donald Truph had mentors, advisors, bankers, financial specialists, real estate investors, and a whole team of professionals to help him achieve his success.  Even the Lone Ranger was not alone, he had Tonto. If you truly want to be successful, then you must discard the ‘lone wolf’ mentally and learn how to effectively partner with others, seeking ways that will mutually help you both to succeed, by relying and exchanging your gifts and talents for theirs.

In Sweet Spot Training’s “Personalized Communications” workshop, we teach this strategy in a fun, interactive way to:

  • Human Resources professionals and hiring managers looking to build stronger teams
  • Parents, teachers and caregivers looking to improve communications with their children and help them succeed by identifying and helping them build upon their natural gifts and talents, while helping them understand that some weakness are simply inherent, allowing them to better understand and accept who they are (to boost self-esteem) 
  • To business professionals looking to successfully network and partner with others
  • To anyone wanting to build stronger relationships with family, colleagues and friends

That is what made the FaceBook networking part of the webinar so fulfilling. It wasn’t listening to the lengthy sales pitch, but rather networking with like-minded professionals and small business owners who are all looking to share knowledge and be the best we can be.

I have taken this workshop on the road, where I have facilitated several of the “Personalized Communications” workshops for the CIO and Senior Management Teams, Managers, Staff and Branches of the Ontario Government. On occasion, the workshop is also offered FREE to members at the Sweet Spot Training Centre. 

So yes, it is possible to make money online and yes, it is possible to have a millionaire mind at no cost. It all begins with you taking action.

For more information on courses and workshops offered at the Sweet Spot Training Centre or to sign up for our free membership, please visit:



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