Local Business Owners Take On Big Box Giants

Local Business Owners Take On Big Box Giants

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Two rivals join forces to take a bite out of their competition.

Release date: June 14, 2011, Pickering-Ajax, ON


WaterbedandFuton.com has just announced that it has joined forces with a rivaling furniture competitor in a new online ecommerce venture. MatressClubCanada.com is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before”, stated Mike Tersigni, President of Waterbed and Futon and co-owner of the new wholesale mattress business and ecommerce website.

Mattress Club Canada offers high quality, Canadian made mattresses, Obus Form, air *slumber number* beds, waterbeds, futons, spring coils, pillow tops and euro tops, memory foam and latex foam beds, mattress and pillow covers, and other bed-related products directly to consumers at wholesale prices. They also provide their full line of mattress stock inventory to bedroom, furniture and mattress retail stores across Canada. By joining Mattress Club Canada’s free club, anyone can receive instant discounts and savings on their already low prices for beds and mattresses. “It’s a win-win situation for all”, explains Mike.

“The mark-up on mattresses by big box retailers is so high and there’s no reason why customers should have to pay such a huge mark-up on mattresses for something as important as a good night’s rest. I would rather make a few bucks and sell a lot of mattresses than make a lot of money at the expense of one or two customers.” ~ Mike Tersigni, Co-owner

slumber number air bed for perfect sleepLong time local furniture store manager and Mattress Club Canada co-owner Terry Cleaver added that “with Mattress Club Canada, our customers will benefit from buying a high quality, Canadian-made mattress at a very low price. It is amazing how much less you can pay for a top quality mattress when it does not come with a brand name label. So when I wanted to open an online store with these incredible products, I went to the man who has been successfully selling beds online for 12 years – Mike Tersigni. While they (big box stores) focus on selling you the most expensive mattress you can afford, we know that the most expensive may not be the best mattress for you. That’s why we focus on selling you the best mattress for your body type and comfort level while saving our customers a bundle on the cost of their mattress.” The club is even offering local free shipping on most of their products and additional savings and BONUS items to members.

quilted pillow top hybrid waterbed mattressBut who buys a mattress online? You may be surprised to discover that the mattress and furniture industry in general has evolved into an aggressive, dynamic and lucrative marketplace. Canadians upped their furniture purchases during the first half of 2010, with mattress sales making the biggest gains during the first half of 2010, reversing two years of declining sales. According to Statistics Canada, sales for the January-June period were pegged at $749.3 million, 16% more than the $646.1 million for the 2009 period. Although this is below the pre-recessionary total of $776.4 million tallied in first six months of 2008, mattresses have already begun fighting their way back to the top of all furniture sales. For mattresses, the profit margins and levels of competition are extremely high and show no signs of stopping the expeditious pace that this market is expanding at.

memory foam mattressThe Furniture Clearance Centre on Weston Road in Toronto was the first to hear about the new mattress venture and immediately wanted in on the action. Anyone wanting to see, touch and try a mattress from Mattress Club Canada prior to buying one is welcome to do so at the Furniture Clearance Centre and any other retail location that wants to carry their products. Both Tersigni and Cleaver are excited to launch their new online mattress warehouse to the public and invite furniture, bedroom and mattress retailers across Canada to enquire about carrying their new line of quality mattresses and reaping in bonus sales leads and free publicity on the MattressClubCanada website.  Contact them at: www.MattressClubCanada.com or call 416-899-1237 / 1-855-838-BEDS


MattressClubCanada.com is an online ecommerce wholesale and retail provider of Canadian-made, high quality mattresses to retail stores and customers across Canada and the USA.

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