Leadership Forecast for 2012: Cloudy with a chance of not meeting target goals

Leadership Forecast for 2012: Cloudy with a chance of not meeting target goals

Human Capital Media (HCM) Research and Advisory Services Group has just released its findings on the annual Leadership Development survey, led by the Business Intelligence Board, Chief Learning Officer magazine.

Leadership Development & Talent Strategy Forecast Report 2012One hundred and fifty-two executive-level leaders from around the world shared insight into their organizations’ investments and practices surrounding leadership development for the upcoming year.


The survey results identified the top 5 skills these organizations are targeting for executive leadership in 2012, as:

  • Strategic planning 51.4%
  • Business acumen 50.0%
  • Coaching 48.6%
  • Communication 47.2%
  • Employee engagement 38.9%

Followed by “Succession planning” at a close 37.5%.  These companies understand the direct correlation between strengthening current leaders and developing up and coming leaders with the overall success of their business.  To support this, 44% of participants stated that they plan to increase spending on leadership training and development in the coming year, yet fewer than half of them indicated that they have a validated, proven solution to accomplish these goals.


With respect to front-line managers, the top 5 areas of focus for these organizations in 2012 will be on:looking ahead in business leadership strategy 2012

  • Communication 61.8%
  • Coaching 51.4%
  • Conflict management 43.1%
  • Employee engagement 43.1%
  • Business acumen 39.6%

While it’s interesting to see that communication, coaching and employee engagement are amongst the top 5 focus for both managers and leadership training, these numbers come as no surprise to David Lahey, President of Predictive Success.

David Lahey, President, Predictive Success Corp.“One of the key fundamental components many businesses miss with respect to leadership training and management development is taking a good, long, unbiased look at the individuals within their organization. They seem to know what the problems are yet struggle to understand the root cause or find seamless, viable solutions that solve these issues while meeting their needs and supporting their goals.”

Through this research it was also discovered that, while strategic planning topped the focus list, 30 percent of reporting organizations indicated that they are struggling with aligning their leadership development process to their business strategy!

Are you one of the 30 percent?

Further, a mere 8.2% of all participants stated that the design and planning of their leadership development programs in the areas of talent acquisition, succession planning, retention and management functions were seamless, yet 59% of them plan to make integration a priority in the coming year.

Success at Work - Predictive Success' assessment tools & training suiteSuccess at Work, Predictive Success’ suite of validated management, sales and leadership assessment tools and training; that includes the Predictive Index® (PI®) behavioural assessment provides both organizational diagnostics and effective management/leadership training proven to increase communication, employee engagement and leadership success – from hire to retire!”

added Mr. Lahey.

“HR professionals are using the tools to clearly define the needs of each job and to hire smarter, putting the right people on the right bus, while managers and business leaders use PI® analytics data to clearly identify the key strengths, motivators and natural behaviours of each team member; including current and potential leaders, empowering them to make clear decisions that will support their current and evolving needs over time. Even GOOGLE attributes their success to an evidence-based approach through their guiding principal that  – data beats opinion”.

Unlike any other management and leadership development training series on the market

Predictive Success prides itself on (six sigma and other data based) measures that may be applied against diagnostic benchmarks, providing organizations with a clear ROI on their training spend. These web- based tools can also be fully integrated into client organizations, providing a secure and seamless solution.

In today’s economic crunch, building strong leaders and effective succession planning are paramount to the longevity and long-term sustainability of any business. But like any structure, you need to establish a strong foundation in order to build and grow solid.

How does your organization measure up?

Predictive Success provides thorough diagnostics, tools and training on your team’s most valuable asset – your people. From hire to retire, we have the data-driven, validated tools and training proven to meet your organizations top 5 goals for 2012:

  • Establish Business acumen
  • Support Coaching
  • Improve Communication
  • Increase Employee engagement
  • Mitigate Conflict managementLeadership Development & Talent Strategies 2012 Forecast

With hundreds of validation studies, client testimonies, case studies, and a 55 year proven track record, Predictive Success offers data driven analytics, coupled with professional training and coaching to companies of all sizes across Canada, to maximize the benefits of your training investment and capitalize on your bottom line results. Predictive Success is ideal for Human Resources professionals, managers, sales associates and business leaders wanting proven, viable solutions.


To learn more, call Sally O’Connor, Client Experience Manager, Predictive Success Corporation at 905-430-9788 x 200 or via email at: soconnor@predictivesuccess.com

Download your free copy of the Leadership Development survey >>>

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