How to make money with Affiliate Marketing

How to make money with Affiliate Marketing

You’ve heard a lot of talk about affiliate marketing. But what is it and will it work for you? This article explains the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, what it is, how it works, how to find a reputable affiliate program and of course, how to make money with affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

affiliate partnersAffiliate marketing is one of many internet marketing strategies being used on the internet today to generate wealth. With affiliate marketing, companies will pay out a pre-determined amount of money (or percentage) to an affiliate who either drives traffic (people) to their website or sells the company’s product or service on their behalf. Think of an affiliate like a sale person or a promoter who partners with the company and works on a commission basis. Each time you bring the company either leads or sales (depending on their offer), you are paid an affiliate commission.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

When you sign-up as an affiliate, you are provided with a logo, a banner and/or a web link, that will contain a special code, unique to you. For example, if I signed up as an affiliate to a program like Creative WEB Courses using the name “SallyO”, then my unique link may either contain special numbers assigned to me ( or it will contain my username (

creative web courses affiliate bannerUse your unique link and/or banner in all your online and offline marketing – on your website, your Facebook profile, in your email signature, and everywhere else you can think of. Tell your friends about it, and print it on your business cards and stationary. When someone clicks the unique link with your code, they will be taken to the company website which records the unique code and can detect that the person was sent there from you. Then, when the person buys or subscribes, your code is recorded as the one who generated the sale and you are paid the affiliate commission for that sale.

Can I make money with Affiliate Marketing?make money with affiliate marketing

Yes! There are thousands of people on the internet who are making part-time to full-time incomes using affiliate marketing. The main advantage of affiliate marketing is that you can make money on the internet without having any products or services of your own to sell. Another advantage is the low to no start up cost that is involved with getting into affiliate marketing. There is no overhead, and most times, once you set up a good system for generating traffic, you can step back and let it go on auto-pilot, making money for you with very little effort on your part. Once you learn how to be an effective affiliate marketer, you can offer several affiliate programs with no cap on your earning potential!

How do I make money with Affiliate Marketing?

announcing affiliate marketingThere are several strategies – both online and offline for making money through Affiliate Marketing. One of the most popular methods is to set up a website or a squeeze page (a squeeze page is a one page website that is fully optimized with targeted keywords, reads like a long sales letter, and links to the affiliate product/service you are promoting) to promote your affiliate products or services. Many times these squeeze pages will have an opt-in (sign-up) form that places them on your list. You don’t need your own opt-in form but it is a good idea. You can send them directly to the affiliate sales page but having an opt-in form on your squeeze page is a great way to develop a legitimate customer list that you can use to promote other specials and affiliate offers to at a later time. You can get a trial version of our preferred customer list building tool for only $1 – just click here: Amazing List Building Tool for $1

The cost of setting up a squeeze page is minimal – and can be done for under 20 dollars. All you need is a unique URL from a Registrar like Go Daddy (make sure that the web name is ‘keyword rich’, meaning it has your targeted keywords in it) and hosting. Our preferred web host provider is HostGator, where you can host unlimited websites for under 10 bucks!

Another effective method for promoting your affiliate products and services is through social media channels. The majority of popular social media networking channels, like FaceBook and Twitter are free to use and highly effective in promoting products and services.

Successful affiliate marketers will use many – if not ALL of these and other effective internet marketing strategies to ensure they cover all their bases and reap the maximum rewards for the product/service they are trying to sell.

Creative Web Courses online training centre contains dozens of video lessons on building websites and squeeze pages, search engine optimization (SEO), generating web traffic, internet marketing and social media network strategies – including facebook, as well as keyword and other tools to help you succeed in Affiliate Marketing. 

Where can I find good Affiliate Programs?

There are basically 2 types of affiliate programs. One type of affiliate program will have a 1-time payout and the other type of affiliate program will offer a recurring or residual (ongoing) payout.

The majority of companies with affiliate programs offer a 1-time affiliate payout. This means, if you sell their one product you will be paid a one-time commission for each sale. The unfortunate thing about this method is that these companies always have more than one product or service to sell. And when you bring them a sale, you are also generating a LEAD that they will continue to market their additional products and services to, without having to pay you any further affiliate commissions. Still, this is the most common practise of affiliate marketing. There are many websites, like Clickbank, where you can sign up as an affiliate, browse through all the affiliate products and services, and decide which ones you want to promote.

man with money from affiliate marketingHowever, if you are thinking of getting started in affiliate marketing, you are best to put your time and efforts into an affiliate program that pays a recurring affiliate commission – if you can find one. These programs are generally for products or services that either have a monthly fee or other promotional products, where you are paid an affiliate commission each month, for as long as the customer you brought in continues to buy or subscribe, or for each product they buy. The reason recurring affiliate commission programs are not as common is because it means the company has to share more of its profits with its affiliate partners. If you can find an affiliate program with a recurring affiliate commission payout, your potential for higher earnings will increase exponentially! Just a word of caution, not all membership sites offering affiliate programs will offer a recurring affiliate commission payout. So be sure to read the fine print, as outlined in the affiliate program’s terms and conditions.

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jumping for joy affiliate programSweet Spot Training’s Creative Web Courses has an excellent Recurring Affiliate Program. Their affiliate program pays out a whopping 50% monthly residual on every membership package that an affiliate sells. To join the affiliate program, register on the Affiliates page of the Creative Web Courses website. Upon approval, you are provided with a unique link that contains a special code that is unique to you, in addition to some graphics and banners (that also contain your unique link) that you can use on your website and in your online and offline marketing materials. Be sure to use this link and these banners everywhere, so people will click it to visit the Creative Web Courses website and sign up to all the fantastic online training courses. Each time someone signs up using your unique link or banner, you will be paid 50% of their membership fee, for as long as they are a member. And since Sweet Spot has promised to provide new, exciting training each and every month, there will always be new and exciting programs to retain them as a satisfied, ongoing customer. That means your one customer could generate an ongoing monthly sales commission for you. Multiply that monthly income by many customers and you have the potential to create your own GIANT money making system.

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Here’s to your online success!

Sally O 🙂

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