How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

worldwidewebQuestion:  Hi Sally.  Thanks so much for allowing people to write in with questions – I have a doozy!  Everyone told me that I should have a website because it would bring me more business. Well I now have a website but I don’t seem to be getting any hits and it has not increased my business. Am I doing something wrong?

Answer:  Hi back and thanks for writing. I wouldn’t say that you were doing anything wrong, per say.  What I would say is that you probably haven’t done enough – yet. If you think about your website, it’s much like a business card or a flyer that is advertising your business. The only difference is that flyers and business cards are on paper whereas a web site is in an electronic format, on the internet.  So let’s look at a flyer as an example of an advertising marketing tool. 

Flyers are used by many companies to advertise and can bring in new customers. You get them in the mail, you see them posted on shop windows, inserted in newspapers, so you decide to spend the time and money to get some printed for your business. But just having those flyers made and sitting on your dining room table will not bring you more business. You can even hang one on your front door but unless people just happen to walk by or you give them your address, they won’t even know it’s there so chances are, it will not be seen by many and probably won’t bring you any new business. Your next step would be to market those flyers – get them into people’s hands; you could post them on hydro poles, in supermarkets, send them out via mail, and where ever you think prospects might see them.  You could also pay one of those services to market them for you, by including your flyer in with all the other flyers they stuff into envelopes and deliver directly to people’s homes. The point is, people won’t come to the flyers – you have to take the flyers to the people.  Your website is very much like that.  You can build a website and it can be the best website in the world but if people don’t know how or where to find it, then they won’t find you.

So your question really becomes, how do people find my website? As explained in the example above with the flyer, simply building a website is not enough to bring you new business. There are literally millions of websites out there in the world wide web, all competing for the same customers. If you want your website to act like a static business card, then simply build it and tell your friends, family and existing customers the URL (that’s the WWW web address) so they can find it.  But if you want your website to actually work FOR you, to draw people to you and bring you new business, then you need to market it. This is what’s commonly known as “Internet Marketing”. Unfortunately, there is no 1 true way to bring more customers to you. There are many strategies for marketing a website and most successful companies use a variety of these strategies to drive more traffic (people) to their site.  There is a ton of both FREE and paid information available if you want to learn to do-it-yourself, or you can pay a company (much like the company who stuffs your flyer into envelopes with all the other flyers and delivers them house to house), who will market your site for you. Launch Now! is unique in that we specialize in developing strategic marketing strategy plans that you can either:

  • take and implement yourself (simply follow the plan and do all the work yourself, saving you money) or 
  • contract us to implement the plan for you (we’ll do the work)

Either way, Lauch Now! works with small and mid-sized businesses  -most with modest budgets, to help them get the most out of their internet presence and make the site work for them by driving new business (sales!) to them. In the near future, I and a colleague will be teaching Strategic Internet Marketing and Internet Marketing for Beginners Courses, both on-line and in person at the Sweet Spot Training Centre in Pickering.  If you live within driving distance to Pickering, I strongly encourage you to take a few hours out of your day to attend one of these sessions in person. The information you will learn will be of great value to you and your buiness. You cannot afford NOT to attend! In the meantime, something you can do right now (and for free) is get your URL out there! Here are some examples of what you can do right now to increase your website traffic:

  • Comment on people’s blogs (be sincere 🙂 and include your URL
  • join social networking groups like Facebook, My Space, Digg, Twitter, and others, and include your URL 
  • post your web address in any emails you send out (create a signature that includes your url, so you won’t forget to include it in your outgoing messages)
  • Keep track of where you post it, so you can include those pages with the links back on to your site.

For example, I placed a link to on my Twitter account. I then added my Twitter link to my website.  This is what’s known as a *link back* (because it goes both ways) and is a good marketing strategy you can start with.  * One word of caution with link backs, be sure that the sites you are linking to and the sites that are linking back to you are respectable websites. Being linked to spamming sites can actually harm you! Good luck with your site and let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

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