Leave a Positive Lasting Effect

Leave a Positive Lasting Effect


Setting a Good First Impression

Introductions can be awkward, to say the least! With Christmas and other festive events among us, there are usually many social events that accompany them. Family gatherings, work parties (and spousal work parties), and church functions are just a few of the many opportunities where you will likely encounter an introduction to someone you’ve never met before.

 But to many of us, the thought of meeting new people can be intimidating. Just thinking about meeting your fiancé’s family or your best friend’s chums can lead to anxiety, panic and stress. Well, stress no more!

Here are 5 simple things you can do right now, to relieve that stress while you make a positive and lasting effect on each new person you meet.

1. Smile

A smile is relaxing to both you and the person you are smiling at. It sets a non-aggressive, friendly atmosphere. Your muscles will start to relax and your stress, nervousness and anxiety levels will diminish, leaving you happier and more at peace with the new situation. Happy people are like magnets – they positively attract others to them.

2. Make Eye Contact

Making eye contact shows that you are paying attention to the person and that you think they are important. Making eye contact also holds the other person’s attention to you. Be sure not to glare or stare at them when making eye contact but instead, smile through your eyes; it’s not hard to do. One of the beautiful things about each and every one of our faces is that when our lips smile, our cheeks and eyes follow along and smile too.

3. Let Your Body do the Talking

Didn’t your mother always tell you to stand up straight? A straight posture shows confidence and a respect for one’s own self. Years ago, it was customary and thought as polite etiquette for a man to stand up, while a woman could remain seated when being introduced to someone new. Fortunately today is more about equality and treating eachother with the respect we want to be shown. Therefore, regardless of whether you are a man or woman, you should always stand up (whenever possible) when meeting someone new and in most cases, shake their hand to acknowledge and welcome them. Remember, body language speaks louder than words so if you’re body is going to do some of speaking for you in setting that good first impression, then stand up tall and let it say “I acknowledge and welcome you with confidence and self respect”.

4. Say My Name, Say My Name

Destiny’s Child has it right! Ever notice how you can be deeply involved in something but the slightest sound of hearing your name will make you automatically STOP what you you’re doing and look up? Our brains become programmed at a very young age to the sound of our own name and from that moment onward, our ears perk up and our brains spark at the mere mention of our name. When you meet someone new, using their name will get their attention and make them feel important. Repeating their name when you are introduced to them is also a good way for you to remember their name, which can prevent embarrassment for you the next time you encounter them.

5. Speak a Phrase

Rather than just saying ‘hi Bob’ or ‘hello Troy’, use their name in a short sentence or phrase, such as: “Hi, Nice to meet you Bob”, or whatever you are most comfortable with saying naturally. Asking a question, such as “Hey Troy, what’s up?” is also a great conversation starter that shows you are interested in knowing more about them, while providing them with an opportunity to respond. Ask an open-ended question if you can, which is a question that cannot be answered by a quick ‘yes’ or ‘no’ (Open-ended questions usually begin with a Why? Where? How? or When?)  

 – – – – –

Using one, two or all 5 of these simple techniques will not only relax you – body, mind and spirit but they will also help you to make a positive and lasting effect on each new person you meet this season – and any season. Give it at try!        


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  1. Great tips Sally, keep them coming..!

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