Create a FREE Viral Campaign for the Teen Niche

Create a FREE Viral Campaign for the Teen Niche
nail_polish1Question:  How can I create a viral marketing campaign for my creative custom nail polish on a limited budget? Submitted by Bev at:  
Answer:  Hi Bev. Teenagers are more into hype and fad than they are into value for their money. They want new, hip and different and will pay big bucks to get it. They love custom stuff but are very fickle – here today, gone tomorrow. I'd highly recommend you think through this target niche when seeking your target market because they are the largest selling niche in the marketplace and I think your product fits in nicely with this group. 
As a marketing strategy, Teens are VERY into video! I'm talking about crazy, off the wall, funny, silly videos that may not even make sense to the adult community. (My teens could spend hours watching You Tube – if I allowed it).
My son (grade 9) is taking Communications in gr.9 at highschool. These kids are learning flash, video editing, stuff like that. I actually have plans to go in and talk with the Comms teacher about offering the students an opportunity to create some videos for me and my newest venture, in exchange for providing some grading assignments. Most teachers LOVE the opportunity to be able to offer real life examples to give to their students and in exchange, since the kids would be credited on your video, once you post your video on You Tube, they will pass the link around to all their friends, creating what's known as a viral campaign. Before you know it, your stuff will be selling itself and the best part of all is that you did it for FREE!  This will also give you video to add to your website which will inevitabley help to drive more traffic to your site.

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