Brand your YouTube channel with a custom template

Brand your YouTube channel with a custom template

// // Sweet Spot Training is offering a FREE YouTube template you can use to custom brand your YouTube channel.

you tube icon png imageSweet Spot Training, the local brick and mortal company in Durham Region, ON that helps small business owners build and manage their own websites, and offers classes and webinars on internet marketing has just announced that it has branded it’s YouTube channel –  and is offering FREE YouTube custom templates, to help other small business owners brand their own YouTube channel.

What is Branding?

How many times have you asked someone – or been asked – for a kleenex?  You may be surprised to learn that Kleenex is actually the brand/company name –the product is facial tissues. While there are dozens of other companies in the marketplace making facial tissues (including Scotties and Presidents Choice), most people simply call them – Kleenex. Kleenex has branded facial tissues so well that the two names have become synonymous. I have never heard anyone asking for facial tissues in the drug store. I have however heard shoppers asking for ‘Kleenex’ and then pick up either Kleenex OR another brand. The same is true for Aspirin and Tylenol. These are the brand names for pharmaceutical pain killers that have become one with their product.

nike swoosh icon symbol logoBranding your business is more than simply having a logo. Branding establishes your company in the market place and speaks to your products, services, the value and the quality that you offer. It is about who you are as  a company, what you do and how well you do it. One of the most powerful branding examples of branding is Nike. If you think about the Nike swoosh, you only need to see the logo to know that it is Nike. And when you see the swoosh, you automatically know that it represents something sports related and will be of excellent quality and workmanship. Nike does not actually manufacture anything; they order and purchase products based on their own specifications, brand them and then sell them – and sell them they do! Last year Nike’s net sales reached $5.77 billion.

YouTube Branding

YouTube is an excellent marketing channel to promote your business. With over 1 million visitors per day, YouTube offers a FREE marketing platform that you can use to store and showcase promotional videos while you extend your reach to the public, to drive higher traffic to your website and increase sales for your business. Video has proven to increase sales conversion rates by more than 20%, as compared to a static online sales letter and even higher conversions when compared to a costly print ad. In short,  YouTube has become a POWERHOUSE marketing tool for business in the Web 2.0 world. If you are not currently using YouTube as a key marketing channel, then you should. And if you have not already done so, you need to take it one step further by BRANDING your YouTube channel to be consistent with your business and your online presence. A common brand across all your online platforms (your business website, YouTube, FaceBook, etc.) will help to establish your business to your customers. Much like seeing the Nike swish and knowing what it represents, you want your prospective clients to log onto your website or look at your YouTube channel and instantly know that they are looking at an extension of YOUR business; that they all carry the same values and quality that your business represents, with a common, familiar ‘look and feel’ that gives them a sense of comfort and familiarity.

sweet spot training logo free membershipIn addition to branding, customizing your YouTube channel opens the door to a powerful marketing tool. That’s why Sweet Spot Training has just branded it’s YouTube channel –  This online marketing team was using YouTube as a platform for their promotional video service, and to store and promote client promo videos – some of which have been embedded into these client’s websites. But aside from choosing their background and font colours, posting their URL with limited descriptions, there were no real identifiers that set the Sweet Spot channel apart from the thousands of other YouTube channels out there.  Thanks to the creative work of their development team, Sweet Spot Training’s YouTube channel now includes their logo, a list of services, relevant social media icons, and a common look and feel that is consistent with their website and will serve to further market their company.  They have even taken it one step further by adding YouTube channel customizations to the list of full services they provide, and by offering a free YouTube Custom theme ‘template’, for their massive “do it yourself” audience.

To learn more about branding your YouTube channel, view samples and download your Free YouTube Custom theme template, visit:

Here’s to your online success!



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